The LITTLE PLANET BAND is a musicians platform created by bass player and producer Emanuel Stanley. The idea of a  diverse and varying setup of musicians and groovy styles lead to the founding of a nine- piece, multicultural band performing original songs, mainly written and produced by Emanuel Stanley, but also from other band family members. now ready to be presented  -  a pure newcomer  in the name of soul! Actual lineup (up coming Gig - Jazztage Hilden - 28.5.16) Emanuel Stanley  (bass) Micky Kamo  (drums) Yassmo’  (vocals, keyboards) Gert Kapo  (rhodes) Christoph Lindner  (guitar) Florian Beckmann  (trumpet) Heiner Wiberny  (sax) Thorsten Heitzmann (trombone) Valerie Simmonds  (vocals) Hugh Kanza  (vocals)
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